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Is your wife/girlfriend giving you odd glances, yawning, shrugging shoulders and generally acting bored? Well, it may very well be your fault! Try to recall the last time you two did something together – a movie, dancing, a weekend getaway? If it was THAT long ago, then it’s really no wonder she’s fed up with your life as a couple. It’s sometimes hard for men to understand, but a relationship isn’t like something you purchase, dump on the mantelpiece and just forget about until it’s time for a spring cleaning. No, love is a work-in-progress, and it’s time to get up from the couch and think of something that will surprise and please your gal. I know, times are hard, money is short and anything beyond a Sunday trip to the mall will seem exorbitant. But hey, you can go with an inexpensive camping trip, a picnic, a spicy gift of discount lingerie or even a card you can design and paint yourself, just saying you love her. It’s really all about the feeling, not the amount. So go and prepare your sweetheart a nice surprise, and you’ll be sure to catch her smiling more often!

I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to make peace with my husband after a fight is to beg his forgiveness while wearing something sexy. Maybe it is just his personal taste, or maybe it is the way I look in it, or maybe it is universal for a man’s brain to turn off when he sees his wife doing the old fashioned seduction gimmick! Last month it was bill-paying time and me and the hubby got into a huge argument, and I tried this trick. Now, you may have nothing in your closet which fits the bill, as it will take some quite strong stuff to get the desired effect. This was my situation also, but it is an excuse to do a bit of shopping! It is perhaps ironic that a new strapless corset appeared as a line item on our credit card statement the following month, but he didn’t complain… for once.I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to get over a fight is wearing something sexy. After all, it is what all men loves – seeing their woman in their sexiest clothes.

It can be difficult to find time for romance if you have young children, but it is essential for keeping a good relationship with your partner. When you become a parent, it is important to realize that to your partner, you are more than just the mother or father of their child; you are their friend and lover.

Make sure to keep the communication lines open, talk about things besides the children. Take a few minutes every day to talk about your day or how your feeling. Try to schedule date nights. If can be as simple as after the kids go to bed you watch a movie at home together, or getting a babysitter and go out for the night. Maybe having a tradition of getting away for a weekend on you anniversary while the grandparents watch the kids is something you could do.

Having a good relationship with your partner is not only good for you but also a great example for your children. You are a role-model for your children, who take care of yourself and your relationship. This sets a great example for you children, not to mention that it is great for you.

Sometimes when you are in a relationship, the stresses of work, life and children can really have a negative effect on you. The constant needs of your life always seem to take something away from you and never give it back. What could be the best thing for you in these circumstances is a romantic getaway.

Plan a trip that will involve just you and your partner. Pick either an activity that you will both enjoy doing or a location that you will both enjoy. This is quite important as this getaway will be for both of you and you wouldn’t want it spoiled by your partner not having any fun! Also, make sure that you work within your finances. All too often, people just pile expenses onto their credit cards in the search of some quick fun and then end up regretting and paying for, that fun for weeks or months afterwards. Ask yourself if you would really enjoy your getaway as much if it left a big bill at the end.

Keep it simple. If you want to surprise your partner, just remember that life can get in the way sometimes and overly complex plans could fail because of just one little thing going wrong. Would you rather have a complicated getaway that could go wrong and takes a huge amount of effort to plan and organize or something simple that worked great?

This article will explain how to win over your dream girl in five romantic dates.

The first date needs to be something that they will remember; but not so over the top that it looks like you’re trying too hard. Find out what their favorite restaurant is and plan a fun day doing something physical like hiking and when they think it’s coming to an end let them in on the secret that you have reservations to their favorite dining location!

After that, on your second date, you can take them out for some pure fun somewhere public like an amusement park. The third date should be a double date with your best friends so she can get to know the people you spend most of your time with.

Date number four needs to be somewhere you are comfortable so you can show her the real you. Plan it somewhere you know like your local mini golf park.

Date number five is the big one. Make it a romantic dinner for two at your place. Just don’t forget the fine wine and the candles!

In a world that has been hit badly by bank failures and a deep recession, there is something to be said for finding ways to save money yet still infuse some joy into our lives!

The prospect of paying for a date to win the affection of that special girl can really take the excitement out of those first few hours together. If this is something that has been bothering you, then just remember that a good date doesn’t have to be a costly one! You could try taking that special girl for a picnic. A bottle of wine is much cheaper from a supermarket and some simple sandwiches and dishes prepared at home will be much cheaper because you put them together. Maybe even precede the event by doing some “window shopping” at her favorite stores, you don’t have to buy anything simply showing an interest and utilizing some great conversation can go a long way without damaging your bank balance.