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My wedding theme involves cowboys and Indians. All the men in the wedding party are cowboys and all of the women are dressed as Indians. The food is an old fashioned thanksgiving feast buffet style. The bride will have a large fancy head dress and the bridesmaids will have smaller head dresses.

The music will be supplied by the Indians with drums and woodwinds. All the cowboys will have cowboy boots and cowboy hats on. There will be a lot of dancing, including square dancing and line dancing for country fans that would also be entertained by a cowboy theme.

The wedding cake should be a country theme with a farm or something to do with nature. A large well designed cake is always a plus. The dominant colors would be white brown and red. With the Indians having a little bit of tasteful face paint.

After the wedding ceremony takes place, the bride and groom would get into a “just married” stage coach styled like a covered wagon and enjoy a nice ride around town.

All in all it should be a unique and fun experience for everyone involved and be a wedding to remember.

Brides-to-be often become overwhelmed with ideas when trying to choose a theme for their big day. The best rule of thumb, however, is to let your ceremony and reception reflect the very essence of you, the happy couple.

Begin your planning by asking yourself a few simple questions. What are our favorite activities? What are our passions? What do we see in our futures? How would others describe us as a couple? Then begin to build the theme of your wedding based on the answers. Think outside the traditional venue, such as a chapel or synagogue.

Go for an original menu. Then research the options that fit your budget. For instance, if you are movie buffs, rent a theatre in which the ceremony and/or reception can be held. Light up the big screen with a slide show and have your favorite movie soundtracks played over the sound system. Pick an old Hollywood glam gown for a wedding dress and have the groom wear a dapper, sharply tailored tux.

For reception time, have uniform-clad ushers pass trays of hors d’oeurves and flutes of champagne. Props and decorations for such themes can be found at many party stores. Whatever theme you choose, make it memorable for both you and your guests.