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Romantic Lingerie

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“Are you tired searching for a nice gift for your wife ? If yes, then your search ends here as I have found a perfect gift for your wife. This is a modernistic gift that is the pride of any women – “”Exotic Lingerie””. Now that you have got a perfect gift idea , you should consider the ways to purchase this gift. Although exotic lingerie can be found at many local stores in your city, but they may be too expensive for you. If you want an exotic lingerie at a budget price , you can get them at online auction stores like Amazon and Ebay as they offer huge discounts on various products. To buy exotic lingerie of your wife’s choice , simply go to your wife and ask for her choice. You don’t need to tell her about your plan to gift her one such lingerie. After you are aware of your wife’s choice, go for the final step to buy it.

“Stand out wearing something different than usual. This time prefer a sexy babydoll. Even the name conveys something childish and romantic; that may also be mincing and sexy. Long or short, with or without sleeves, translucent or more modest, the result is always the same: it encourages the love game. Let your hair loose, wear natural make up, get your most innocent look and move around simple and airy. Let him “enjoy” you. After all, this time you are the doll, so play with your own rules. Moreover, every man’s fantasy is to have the front door opened by a woman wearing a sexy outfit. So, you can become his fantasy. All you have to do is to appear before him and give him a sexy a smile. In any case; men by nature are hunters. You made a move on him, now let him win you over.

The Young Victoria

“I heard a story on the radio this morning about the young Queen Victoria. They were talking about corsets. The actress who was playing the role was joking that to be an English actress, one must wear a corset in the movies at least one. She claimed to be on her third movie with corsets involved and was looking forward to wearing sweatpants soon and giving her ribs a break. When you think about it, imagine having to lace up like that every day, we who have made a fashion statement out of being comfortable. The American woman barely wears control top panty hose, much less anything truly confining. But they were beautiful, those Victorian fashions. I can just picture those great skirts and fabrics and the expanse of shoulders and bust. We’d all like to sweep into a room looking that magnificent at least once, wouldn’t we? I’d take the swashbuckling cavalier too.

One day I went to work. I work in the third layer of hell known only as Long John Silver’s. It was raining and I was looking forward to a warm cup of coffee and a cigarette. Suddenly a small elderly gentleman walked into the store. His hair was gray and slicked back, and he held a small pink bag with the name “Victoria’s Secret” on the front. As I took his order, my curiosity got the best of me, and I had to ask what he bought. I said, “Sir, what did you buy your wife for Christmas? Some romantic lingerie?” He began to get very angry with me and shouted, “No! It’s not that! It’s the only bag I had in the car that my my dirty underwear would fit in! By the way, I left a mess in the bathroom.” My heart sank. That is when I realized that I really do hate my job.

In the quest for the perfect “hourglass shape” women of the past often turned to the simplest solution, the corset. Imagine, no dieting, no exercise, no hunger, but an instant flat tummy! Of course, our modern sensibilities of “instant results” can easily understand the appeal of this 10 second tummy-tuck, but in reality the corset was yet another adherent to the “no pain, no gain” principle. Often made of uncomfortable materials (bone, metal, wood, and eventually plastics), the corset was designed to literally squeeze a woman into shape at any cost.

Though their efficacy cannot be denied, the pain that a woman endured to contort her body in this way is not hard to imagine. Anyone who has ever worn a too-tight pair of jeans knows the feeling of a waistband cutting into their hips, one merely needs to extend this principle a bit further up the body and they can begin to sympathize. Even though this brand of vanity was clearly torturous, one can clearly see the links between the tummy tuck of yesteryear and our own obsessions with appearance today. The “quick fix” approach to anything never promised to be painless, and the corset was no exception!

Is your wife/girlfriend giving you odd glances, yawning, shrugging shoulders and generally acting bored? Well, it may very well be your fault! Try to recall the last time you two did something together – a movie, dancing, a weekend getaway? If it was THAT long ago, then it’s really no wonder she’s fed up with your life as a couple. It’s sometimes hard for men to understand, but a relationship isn’t like something you purchase, dump on the mantelpiece and just forget about until it’s time for a spring cleaning. No, love is a work-in-progress, and it’s time to get up from the couch and think of something that will surprise and please your gal. I know, times are hard, money is short and anything beyond a Sunday trip to the mall will seem exorbitant. But hey, you can go with an inexpensive camping trip, a picnic, a spicy gift of discount lingerie or even a card you can design and paint yourself, just saying you love her. It’s really all about the feeling, not the amount. So go and prepare your sweetheart a nice surprise, and you’ll be sure to catch her smiling more often!

Do something different

  As our lives are becoming more and more busy, we rarely think about ourselves, our relationships etc. Even when we come home we are preoccupied about the office, the work. There is no time to think about vacations, family, and love. We keep on ignoring ourselves and others and in this process we hurt our loved ones. What we need to do is to take out time. If you have hurt your partner it is time to make up to him. There can be many ways to do this and one is make him feel happy. Do something especially for him. For example when you come late from the office and you know your spouse is not feeling good about it. And he is actually expecting you to go to bed as you always do. Surprise him by wearing a sexy chemise. Lighting up scented candles and playing soft romantic music. He will certainly forget all the anger and there will be love all around.

I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to make peace with my husband after a fight is to beg his forgiveness while wearing something sexy. Maybe it is just his personal taste, or maybe it is the way I look in it, or maybe it is universal for a man’s brain to turn off when he sees his wife doing the old fashioned seduction gimmick! Last month it was bill-paying time and me and the hubby got into a huge argument, and I tried this trick. Now, you may have nothing in your closet which fits the bill, as it will take some quite strong stuff to get the desired effect. This was my situation also, but it is an excuse to do a bit of shopping! It is perhaps ironic that a new strapless corset appeared as a line item on our credit card statement the following month, but he didn’t complain… for once.I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to get over a fight is wearing something sexy. After all, it is what all men loves – seeing their woman in their sexiest clothes.

Back to Basics

When we were young and first found out about lingerie, we probably enjoyed buying pretty things to wear under our clothes. We experimented with different looks, and we liked our bras and panties to match and always be lace trimmed in great condition. Now that we’re older, and maybe we’re in settled relationships, we’re more pressed for time and less likely to make sure that our underthings match. We may start out with a set, but when one part of the set is worn out, we wear it anyway, or we toss it but wear the other piece with something else. We no longer take an interest in what we wear under our clothes and consequently our partners may no longer be that intersted either. Let’s go back to basics and do some shopping for sexy lingerie sets. Go into that nice lingerie store and find a pretty black bra trimmed with ivory lace that goes with the black panties trimmed in the same way. You can pick any style you’d like with as much support as you need. But if you’re coordinated under your clothes you’ll feel feminine and flirtatious. That will translate into feeling powerful at work and seductive at home. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.