As a matron of honor, your duties are many and varied. Your primary responsibility is to be there for your bride as an emotional support throughout the entire wedding process. After that, your more tangible responsibilities are planning and hosting her bridal shower and a bachelorette party. These two events are also usually co-hosted by the rest of the bridesmaids.

However, as the matron of honor, you (and the maid of honor as well if there is one) are running the show. You are responsible for coordinating the invitations and responses, booking the locations and making other necessary reservations.

After you have completed your pre-wedding matron of honor duties, there are also responsibilities during the wedding day. Above all, on the wedding day, your job is to keep your bride calm and get her down the isle! At the actual ceremony, it is important that you should be vigilant with your bride’s gown, straightening and laying her train flat. You may also be asked to hold your bride’s flowers when she and the groom need both of their hands.

Finally, you may be asked by the bride to carry the groom’s ring. While a ring bearer who is cute in his tuxedo, definitely he is not the person she will want to trust with such an important item! When the time comes in the ceremony, you will hand it to her. Once the ceremony is completed, your final responsibility will be a toast at the ceremony. After your kind words and toast, your matron of honor duties are complete!