Normally, a plus size woman likes to dress in an elegant clothing as much as any other size group. Shopping for that special outfit requires some research and planning ahead since many stores don’t carry dressier outfits for plus sizes. Sometimes you will find outfits in higher end department stores such as JC Penney, Macy’s, or Belk’s.

The more expensive department stores may also provide options for your choice, and once you’ve found a store that has some outfits that suit you, you can keep an eye on the newspaper if you want to buy your special outfit on sale.

The advantage of walking into a store and trying on an outfit is to see if it looks as good as you expect it to. You can also verify that the outfit fits, and, if necessary get an advice from a store employee for accessories and other items necessary for a pulled together look.

The advantage of shopping on-line is that it’s easy to access and it gives a variety of styles and provides a preview of the items you are interested in the privacy of your own home. Some stores offer an on-line site as well as a venue for walk-in shopping, and you can check out both opportunities to see which one suits your needs and preferences. Also, you can order an outfit and try it on when it arrives. If it doesn’t fit, don’t hesitate to send it back for a credit.

After a few experiences like this, you’ll have an idea of whose garments fit, and what brands are going to look as good on you as they did in the catalog. I’ve discovered that most polyester outfits look better in the catalog than they do on me. They also can be much hotter than cotton or rayon outfits which may be an issue if you’re in that time of life when you have hot flashes.

Articles and advertisements in magazines that serve plus size women can provide names and web sites for outfits you like in the magazine. Sometimes a magazine can give you suggestions for colors that will flatter your coloring and are appropriate for a person of your stature. A discussion of flattering hair styles in a magazine helps you pick a well-groomed look to complement your choice of a dressy outfit. The same strategies work if you’re shopping for well-tailored business clothes. Don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find 2 or 3 name brands such as Jones New York or Elisabeth that suit your taste and needs.

One last possibility is to find a dressmaker, and spend the time finding fabrics and patterns to meet your needs. This is time consuming and more expensive, but the nicer your clothes are, the longer you will be able to wear them comfortably. You’ll look professional in the day time, and attractively dressed up for special occasions!