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A perfect time to have the beach wedding would be at sunset so all the beautiful colors in the sky could add to the romance that is shared by the couple. The atmosphere of the beach in general is just really romantic and would add to the wedding as a whole, assuming it’s a clean beach.

A great idea for a beach wedding would be to have the bride and groom dressed in really unique bathing suits that would be equal to that of a tuxedo or dress. Then if you could, somehow have a turtle be the ring bearer and bring the ring down the “isle.” It might take a while, but it would be really memorable.

Then after the couples complete their vows they could take a dip in the ocean. I mean they wouldn’t have had their wedding at a beach if they didn’t want to get in the water, right?

Magical Beach Wedding

My beach wedding is one of the most magical and memorable experiences in my life. While a beach wedding could be difficult to plan, and could definitely be expensive, it was worth every penny!

The setting alone is amazing. Afternoon in the sunlight, warm water lapping at my feet, sunlight on my face, and looking at the beautiful sandy beach was just amazing. Every moment of the ceremony was natural and authentic.

Instead of being in a stuffy church, it was great to enjoy the beauty of nature. Our guests enjoyed the beach wedding experience as well. The only downside was the cost. Renting at a private beach was much more expensive than a traditional church wedding. But overall, I highly recommend a beach wedding – even after ten years I still have many great memories (pictures, videos) and it feels like just yesterday. Some of my friends and family still comment about what a good idea a beach wedding was.